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household goods.


Group of companies ANTEY has turned 20 years already and this company has established itself as a reliable business partner in St. Petersburg and other Russian regions. The branch works in Moscow since 2006, which expanded the geography of market coverage and greatly optimize the conditions of delivery of goods to the buyer.

The catalog features products of our own brand Antella and its lines:
- our classic line of household goods of premium class. High quality of products and its vivid thoughtful design provide a constantly growing sales. Currently, this line includes a wide range of garbage bags of various sizes and densities. 
Nicky Home our new line of premium-class household goods produced from high quality materials by modern technologies. It includes household microfiber cellulose, cotton and
bamboo fiber cloths, sponges for cleaning, rollers for cleaning clothes and products for kitchen.
BIO - our line of biodegradable products produced from safety ecological materials as dishes of biodegradable plastics, biodegradable garbage bags, tablecloths and bags for
food storage.
Magic Home our economy-line of household goods for thrifty and careful housewives. The entire range of products presented in Magic Home responsibles by high quality
standards and economic efficiency.
VELL. We offer to your attention a line of hygienic products, which includes cotton products, sponges and washcloths for the body. It's also part of the TM Antella.
The combination of elegant design and and balanced range of products provides to VELL sustained interest of buyers.

The list of our products includes: garbage bags of HDPE and LDPE polyethylene, biodegradable garbage bags; household gloves (rubber, latex, vinyl); products for cleaning, brushes and MOPs, metal and plastic brushes, brushes of PVA and microfiber; household sponges and cloths of viscose, cotton, foam, microfiber and cellulose; melamine sponges; steel wools; paper products; napkins with a design; paper and plastic table cloths; fresheners and tablets for toilet tank; wet wipes; cotton production (cotton pads and cotton buds); gift bags and packages, bags of soft plastic; candles; aluminum foil; food film; various bags for packaging, freezing and storage products; disposable tableware of plastic, biodegradable tableware, paper tableware with designsets for a picnic and party - skewers, stacks, cocktail straws, toothpicks; baking paper, sleeves and bags for baking. There is also wide range of products for bath and sauna - synthetic sponges and washcloths for body, sponges from natural luffa, sisal, ramie, hemp, cellulose and products for body care - pumice, massagers, facial sponges; shower curtains. We are constantly developing and expanding our product range.

Team of qualified managers supports high level of customer service.

We hope that cooperation with our company
will be effective and mutually beneficial to each client.

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